October 1st, 2004

frankie by quettaser

Admin Post --

Essay posting begins on Monday, October 4. Some of you have already posted essays to ship_manifesto, so you know the drill. For those who don't....

1. Use the following template when posting:

Subject Line: Character (Fandom)
Spoilers: if applicable
Email: Optional
Personal Website: Optional
Your essay behind an lj-cut

2. Flaming will not be tolerated; if you have concrit, feel free to leave it. titti or I  will freeze the thread at the first sign of flaming. If it continues,  we will close down the post and ban the users involved in the flaming. We all may see these characters differently, this is just ONE person's  interpretation. Please feel free to sign up if you'd like to give your own take. You can agree or disagree and if you disagree discuss those differences in an adult manner. Please keep it civil! 

** I was asked a few weeks ago by someone if the posting of fic recs (gen) would be allowable, similar to what was done over at ship_manifesto. I think it's a wonderful idea and if you have some favorites, link away.