November 10th, 2004


Idol Reflection: Angel- Part 1

Him For All In All: Angel From "Becoming to Not Fade Away"
by Kita
Author Notes: Thanks for everyone's patience, between the flu and the busted ankle, I think this fucking thing was my Requiem. I'm staying indoors for a while and avoiding any dangerous objects. Essay is divided for length with footnotes (indicated in parentheses) posted at the end of each half. It's long, and has footnotes because I am a dork. Essay also assumes some basic knowledge of the character and the 'verse. Feedback of any sort adored, comments disabled for part one, please reply in part 2.

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Mal Reynolds- Firefly

Title: Guess I'm Just a Good Man (Well. I'm okay.)
Author: fantasticmuse
Spoilers: For the series in general- specifically "The Train Job" and "Safe".
Word Count: Roughly 1500
Note: Ai, thanks for being so patient with me- I had a minor emergency earlier this week and... well, better late than never, I suppose. *sigh*

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