January 1st, 2005

  • alara_r

Polar: The History of Magneto

Oh my God. I was supposed to do this by December 18th? I completely forgot about it; for some reason I thought it was supposed to be done in January. Mea maxima culpa. It's been a hell of a month.

Fandom: X-Men (comics)
Character: Magneto
Author: alara_r
E-mail: alara @ mindspring . com
Spoilers: Contains some spoilers throughout pretty much the entire run of the X-Men series.
Notes: I draw on the work of Rivka Jacobs and Tilman Stieve in all my discussions of Magneto. I am also basing some of this essay on emails from Paty Cockrum, the wife of artist Dave Cockrum, who worked closely with author Chris Claremont on some of the more important stories about Magneto's history.

This essay will discuss Magneto in the X-Men comics (mainstream Marvel universe, not Ultimate X-Men.) The movie and the two cartoon series are short enough to be easily accessible to the casual fan who wants to learn about the character, and I hate Magneto's portrayal in Ultimate X-Men. However, Magneto in the main X-Men comic series has been around since 1963, and has an unusually convoluted history, some of which is impossible to derive just from reading the comics themselves.

In Magneto's history, I will extensively reference the actual issues information appears in. However, Marvel has a bad habit of creating multi-part epics that span about eight zillion different comics, and rather than write those out I'm just going to list the arc name. Most readers will prefer to read these in trade paperback format anyway, and the trade paperbacks are usually named for the story arc.

There are three parts to this essay, and two parts to my bibiography:

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