April 28th, 2006

Loz Cola

Geoffrey Tennant (Slings and Arrows)

Title: Outrageous Fortune;- The Complexities of being or not being Geoffrey
Character/Fandom: Geoffrey Tennant, Slings and Arrows.
Author: lozenger8
Email: lozenger8 at gmail dot com.
Spoilers: I attempted to construct this essay with few spoilers, but this was extremely difficult. There are character spoilers for the first season and second, but they do not tell too much about the plot. I believe it is possible to read this essay without having seen the series. ETA. There are spoilers in the comments section, however.
Notes: Slings and Arrows has three seasons, 6 episodes each. The third and final season has not aired anywhere in the world as of my writing this essay. A thousand thank yous to bjohan57 for beta-reading this essay and giving the most wonderful feedback.

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