April 30th, 2006

Loz Cola

Richard Smith-Jones (Slings and Arrows)

Title: Richard Smith-Jones - A Foolish Wit
Character/Fandom: Richard Smith-Jones, Slings and Arrows.
Author: lozenger8
Email: lozenger8 at gmail dot com.
Spoilers: You really need to have seen Slings and Arrows Seasons 1 & 2 unless you want to be spoiled rotten. My essay would probably have been 20 words long if I had not discussed specific actions the character takes and the events which transpire.
Notes: Slings and Arrows has three seasons, 6 episodes each. The third and final season has not aired anywhere in the world as of my writing this essay. As I refer to my essay on Geoffrey a few times, I suggest reading that before reading this essay on Richard. A million thank yous to bjohan57 for beta-reading this essay, pointing out invaluable additions, and assisting me to order my thoughts on Richard.

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