October 15th, 2006


Welcome to new co-mod

sionnain will be joining me as co-moderator, which should help get people's claims listed and essays added to the master list a little more promptly. She'll be keeping an eye on things during the second half of each month, and I'll be around the first half of the month.

I'll be reposting the master list shortly using the new mod journal, idol_moderation, so that sionnain will also be able to edit it to add new claims and completed essays.

Master List

This is the current master list of claims and completed essays. Please comment on this post to claim a character. Your due date will be eight weeks after the date on which you make your claim, unless you request a different due date. If you finish your essay before your due date, it's fine to post it early.

Feel free to claim or suggest characters or fandoms that are not already on this list, but note that anime/manga/videogame characters should be claimed in our sister community, reflections_2.

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