August 16th, 2009

Richard Sharpe – He's a Rogue, But He's Our Rogue

Title: Richard Sharpe – He's a Rogue, But He's Our Rogue
Author: the_stowaway
Character: Richard Sharpe
Fandom: Sharpe (movie version)
Spoilers: for the entire series
Beta: many thanks to jenna_thorn
Author's Note: For those not familiar with canon, Sharpe is a series of British made-for-TV movies1, based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell, depicting the adventures of Richard Sharpe, an officer in Wellington's army during the Napoleonic Wars – mostly the Peninsular. This essay will concern itself solely with the TV version, which of necessity differs somewhat from the novels, although Cornwell appears to be ok with the film adaptations. Cornwell is also a whole-hearted fan of Sean Bean in the title role; I completely agree with him on this. In fact, Bean is the reason I began watching Sharpe in the first place. Is anyone surprised? I thought not.*g*

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