penknife (penknife) wrote in idol_reflection,

idol_reflection is now open for business on GreatestJournal as well

Owing to recent concerns about LJ's terms of service, we're opening a GreatestJournal version of this community, idol_reflection. Please feel free to post your essays on either version of the community, or to cross-post to both. You can also repost essays you've posted here in the past to the GJ community, and in fact we encourage you to do so.

We've reserved the idol_reflection username on InsaneJournal as well, and will consider opening that community to posting as well if that seems to be where large portions of fandom are headed.

Barring disaster, we will keep this community open on LiveJournal, but we wanted to give you another option for posting, and to encourage you to help us back up this community by reposting to the GJ comm -- this community has seen a lot of fabulous work in the last three years, and I'd hate to see any of that work lost.
Tags: mod posts
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