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Lovable Little Sociopath

Author: amaresu
Character: C'rizz
Fandom: Doctor Who (Eighth Doctor audios)
Spoilers: Let's say Creed of the Kromon through Absolution to be save.
Author's Note: Terribly late. No good excuse really.

How I met C'rizz

My first introduction to C'rizz was in Creed of the Kromon his first story. At the time I didn't know that he would become a regular Companion. In retrospect I probably should have figured this out as we needed a new point of view character and C'rizz was just the person to provide this. Some back story is probably required here.

At this point in time the Doctor (Eight) and Charley are starting their journeys through the Divergent Universe, an alternate universe without time. Creed is the second story of the Div!arc, but the first real story as Scherzo is more of a wrap-up of the previous arc.

The Doctor and Charley are wondering in a new world without the TARDIS (long story-essentially it had to go away to protect itself). They come across C'rizz running form the Kromon. The Kromon turn out to be the evil overlords who enslaved C'rizz's people and are generally not nice. They quickly learn that C'rizz escaped from the Kromon who had taken him and his wife L'da for some unknown purpose. The Doctor being the Doctor offers his assistance in rescuing her.

Creed of the Kromon really isn't that great of a story. It's really only notable for the introduction of C'rizz and the seeds to what will become his special personality quirks. It turns out L'da had been experimented on to become something of a surrogate-Queen for the Kromon to have their babies. Lacking any alternative and at L'da's urging C'rizz kills her. Later after the Kromon are defeated C'rizz asks the Doctor and Charley if he can accompany them as he doesn't have any reason to stay where he is. They agree.

So that's where C'rizz came from. What do we actually know about him though?

He was a member of the Church of the Foundation until L'da convinced him to leave the Church and run away with her. Exactly what his position in the Church was is never really reveled although we do find out that he was some sort of assassin.

He is an Eutermesan. He has an exoskeleton and has characteristic similar to a chameleon. He can change the color of his skin; at will if he concentrates on it. It's later reveled that with proper training Eutermesans can change their skin texture as well. Meaning that not only can they look like a brick wall they can feel like a brick wall. C'rizz used to be rather good at this until he left the Church and stopped practicing. I can only assume that he used this skill to aid in his assassinations for the Church. Eutermesans are also a bit empathic and will take on bits of the personalities of the people around them.

Here is an artistic rendering of what C'rizz might look like.

C'rizz is not what you would commonly consider to be a nice person in general. If he likes you then he's a perfectly pleasant guy, if he doesn't like you then he can be a bit of a bastard.

The Daleks wanted to make him their new emperor that one time.

He cares about Charley and the Doctor a great deal and doesn't want them to know about his past with killing people. Lots of people.

He has a tendency to associate killing people with saving them.

The people he killed, including Daleks, live on in his head. He has conversations with them. It's as creepy as it sounds.

So why do I like C'rizz?

Because he's not the typical Companion. He can be mean and he kills people, but he also can be very nice. He wants to be a better person. He choose to leave his life behind him and told Rassilon to stfu. There is a genuine joy in him towards life. He's afraid of cows. He defied the Doctor and tried to save people despite knowing that it would have an adverse effect on the time line. He can be very sarcastic.

I love C'rizz because he's complex. I love him because he hides his darker side from the people he cares about because he cares about them. He doesn't want them to know about his past that he's more than a bit ashamed of. I love C'rizz because on some level he knows just how messed up he is. I love him because at the end of Terror Firma he talks to the voices in his head and agrees that he may have to one day save the Doctor and Charley.

I love him because his last words were thanks to the Doctor and telling Charley she was like a sister to him.

I love C'rizz because even after being tortured rather horribly, Something Inside, he manages to be sarcastic and help the Doctor recover his memory.

I love C'rizz because in Other Lives he gets kidnapped into being a sideshow freak, almost kills the guy who kidnapped him and then after being rescued makes the man fear for his life. He then goes on to pretend to be married to Charley and focus on making himself look human to the casual eye.

I love C'rizz because he never got over killing L'da. It's an act that haunts him throughout his time with the Doctor. He replays the events in his mind rather constantly. In Faith Stealer they take a break to help C'rizz recover from the trauma of killing L'da. Instead through a series of events he is forced to re-connect with the part of himself that did what he did for the Church of the Foundation.

C'rizz is completely alien. He's not just from another world he's from another universe. Sometimes this fact is easy to forget and other times it smacks you in the face. He has a different way of viewing the events and generally a different way of acting in a given situation. C'rizz is complex and messed up and brilliant.

"Charley and I are members of the tourist faith, we worship C'rizz here, and we always start the day with a cup of tea."

--The Doctor, Faith Stealer

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